Building a Better Future for All of Us, One Relationship at a Time

The historical injustices that Indigenous Peoples in Canada and around the world have endured is undeniable. Yet present day Indigenous Peoples still suffer from a lack of understanding by non-Indigenous people like me. This situation will continue to exist until we all make real and meaningful efforts to truly understand how the attitudes we have and the actions we take impact each other. That is why I have committed myself to the reconciliation process between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples.

Meaningful reconciliation1 only happens when Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Peoples, regular people like me you and me, take the time to listen, share and reflect with each other. When we do, understanding comes, and with it, the ability to create a world where everyone flourishes and succeeds. Indigenous People are owed it. Everyone deserves it.

The reconciliation process, by its nature, touches upon many elements that are integral to today’s diverse society and workplace; respect, mutual understanding and equality. The richness in perspectives leads to untapped synergies, enhanced problem-solving abilities, improved creativity, and ultimately, greater efficiency and productivity.

So, take some time to walk in another person’s moccasins. It just might improve your business… and your life.

Chi Miigwetch

1 Wondering how to take the first step in reconciliation? There is a myriad of formal programs available that can easily be found. I would certainly recommend a program I completed, Returning to Spirit. It is a life-changing experience for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous participants. Looking for something more informal, just ask me and I will arrange for you to have tea with a kookum (grandmother). Trust me. It will be the best cup of tea you ever have.