Cool Organizations I Belong to

Membership in the right organization can do so much for you. Advance your level of knowledge, put tools in your toolbox and feed your soul. I feel fortunate to belong to such organizations.

North American Simulation and Gaming Association


The Serious Play capital of North America, NASAGA provides members with the opportunity to interact with fellow practitioners, advance their knowledge through access to online and hard copy resources. Their annual conference is a tremendous place to learn new techniques and to improve your performance. And unlike many gathering places, the folks here are dee-lighted to share what they know and what they have with you.

Creative Manitoba

Creative Manitoba logo

The heartbeat of the creative arts sector in Manitoba, Creative Manitoba isn’t just a place to meet others in your craft and to gain professional support, it’s a place where artists converge, and that place of convergence is where the real synergy lays.

Manitoba Association for Career Development

Manitoba Association for Career Development logo

Manitoba’s watering hole for all things career development, here is where folks who help others find their path in life come to meet. A wonderful source for professional development and helping yourself in your own journey.

Storytellers of Canada

Storytellers of Canada logo

Home to Canada’s professional storytellers, the organization provides connections to local storytelling groups, access to potential employment opportunities and, of course, other kindred souls. Life is a story, so everyone has one. Here is the place to make it come alive!