Great Causes I Support

Betty Cole Memorial Scholarship Fund

After my Aunt Betty passed, my Mother and I wished to find a way to honour her. A resilient and tireless advocate for society’s disadvantaged, we decided that we would create an annual scholarship in her memory that focused on what she cared about most… serving the underserved. The Betty Cole Memorial Scholarship assists a young mother in making her educational and career dreams come true, dreams that my Aunt Betty was never able to realize for herself.

The Scholarship is held thru Career Trek Inc., a remarkable organization dedicated to helping young Manitobans find a better life through educational attainment and career clarity. So as Spirit of the West says, feel free to click on the link below and “drop some pennies in the jar”.

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Specify the BC Memorial Scholarship Fund

Betty Cole

Pop Tabs

I recently joined my friend, Peter Tonge, in his efforts to collect aluminum can tabs. The tabs are collected and sold to metal recyclers and the money raised is then used to purchase custom-made wheelchairs for folks in need. So, if you are wondering how you can make a difference on a budget, jump on this. All you need to do is grab an empty aluminum can, twist the tab off and save it in a container. When the container is full, call me and I will pick them up. And don’t be afraid to invite others you know. This is as easy (and powerful) as it gets. Oh, and once you start, I will guarantee you will start to get anxious every time you pass a garbage or recycling container with cans in them with tabs still on. ☺

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The greatest gifts are those that give people control of their own lives and give them the power to be independent and autonomous. That is why I support Kiva.

Here is how it works: You provide interest-free loans to folks in developing nations and support them in their efforts to become educationally and economically independent. They repay you in small regular payments and presto! You have your money back and have helped someone become more self-sufficient. So, if you love sushi (or at least respect it) and hate poverty, join me on Kiva at “Team Sushi.”

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Canadian Blood Services

According to the Government of Canada, 52% of the population will need a blood transfusion or blood-related products during their lifetime. Yet the only about 1 in 60 Canadians donated last year. You don’t need to be a business analyst to know the supply is not meeting demand. So, why is this situation occurring? About half of Canadians cannot donate for a whole range of health/medical reasons. Those are good reasons for not donating, but that leaves the other 50% who are eligible. So, why aren’t all of these 50% donating? I don’t know. Maybe they are scared or something.

It’s easy to donate. You go in and give them some blood (it doesn’t hurt and you don’t have to look at your blood). When you are done, they stuff you full of juice, cookies, doughnuts and other delicious yummies. Oh, and you get to save someone’s life.

Make a difference.

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Darrell giving blood

Organ Donation

I will try put say this in the simplest and most sensitive way that I can.

Usually, when people die, they die because a vital part of their body has ceased to function. It is not normally the case that all of their vital organs cease at the same time. Assuming that is your case, that means you are leaving behind a bunch of organs that are still good. So here is the deal.

You are dead. You can’t use your organs anymore. But there are lots of folks who need those vital organs and if they get the ones they need, they can avoid being like you… dead. So please, go to the site and register. If everything works out, when you pass on to that great curling club in the sky, you will actually end up saving someone else’s life. That is as amazing as it gets. And imagine how your loved ones will feel when they know that parts of you are still alive in another person. So cool!

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