Nice Things That Nice People Say About Me

Sometimes, when I do a good job, people are inclined to say something positive about me and my work. I really appreciate that. I also appreciate it when folks are not so enamoured with my work and let me know that in a good way. Either way, feedback helps me know how I am doing and to get better at my craft.

“If Darrell can corral a huge room full of high school kids and get them to re-design an entire education system using just Lego, then he can probably handle any strategic or business facilitation challenge out there. Plus, he’s a ton of fun to work with.”

Mary Agnes Welch, Probe Research

“We had some non-believers in the room and you turned them. They saw LEGO in a whole new light so mission accomplished- fun, good conversations, and nice easy flow.”

Lynda Peto, University of Manitoba

cutout heart shapes