What I Do & How I Do It

I love to help people solve their problems. Whether it’s helping individuals with challenges in their own lives, organizations struggling with efficiency issues or my community facing complex social issues, nothing gives me greater purpose than helping you find a way forward. Depending on the challenge at hand, I will draw upon my skills, experiences and networks to help drive a solution for your situation. When undertaking my facilitation work though, my favourite techniques to draw upon are Serious Play ones.

What is Serious Play?

Simply put, Serious Play refers to using playful techniques for generating serious outcomes. They are a vast array of techniques existing, with some forms being highly specialized for very specific purposes, and others that are designed to handle a wide spectrum of challenges. It can embody activities ranging from improv theatre to Lego®, from board gaming to outdoor activities, from computer simulations to rap music. The technique is chosen and tailored to the task at hand.

Why was Serious Play created?

No matter the technique, all Serious Play activities come from a common foundational belief; that humans do best when they play. Play opens the mind’s imagination up, spurring greater creativity. By its nature, it embraces diverse ways of thinking and acting, thereby mobilizing a greater range of perspectives and breaking people out of routine mindset that often stifles outside-of the-box thinking. Play is also incredibly safe and as a result, helps create a participatory atmosphere. It is also very egalitarian, giving voice to those who often go unheard (and capping those who like to dominate). In short, Serious Play techniques create powerful outcomes through safe, energizing and imaginative processes.

Darrell sitting behind a table with various games
Leif Norman Photography

Play is powerful.